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Welcome !!

We are Genocide.  Our focus is end game.  We are raiders, first and foremost.  Our core has been together for a long time, mostly as Sons of Bestia, and we are a mature group.  We have added some good raiders and are currently running Naxx 10-man and 25-man.  We are looking for like-minded people to join us in our goal.  We treat everyone fairly and will not tolerate any drama.  If you are level 80,  a self-starter, and want to work with a group of people to tackle new content (instead of being carried through it), we are the guild for you.  
Other Guild News

Open Recruitment

skydriver, Dec 18, 08 1:48 PM.
Genocide Is looking to recruit all classes.  We are looking for steady and versatile raiders to get us to two Naxx 10 man groups and our 25 man group set.  If you're interested in seeing end game, check us out.   Remember: you need to create an account to put an application in.  Good luck and hope to be raiding with you all soon.


Good Things Come in Ten

Principality!, Nov 24, 08 10:41 AM.
Ten days after the release of WOTLK, ten of us walked into Naxxramas and dropped the first two bosses in the Spider Wing and almost had the third before raid time was up.  We accomplished this with a less than optimal group for what we were tackling, proving that--with great teamwork--we can handle anything that Blizzard throws at us.  On top of all of it, we had fun; great raiders, one and all!  A personal thanks to Ted who helped tank us through our "excellent adventure". :)

Another BT Clear

Principality!, Nov 7, 08 10:38 AM.
Congratulations to all Genocide members for another rapid Illidan takedown!  On Sunday, we'll take some cracks on finishing up Archimonde and Kael as well as a possible burn into Sunwell.  WOTLK comes out next week so let's do our best.  Play hard and let's have some fun!  

Illidan is Dead

Principality!, Nov 3, 08 11:30 PM.
Job well done.  Goal Complete. 

Genocide Ad Portas

Principality!, Oct 27, 08 2:10 PM.
We dropped the Illidari Council so quickly yesterday, their ghosts are still wondering what happened!  Even our members who won some good loot are in shock when they look at their gear.

We're here.  On his platform, Illidan cowers from the news: "Genocide ad portas" Genocide's at the gates. 

Our main goal has been to kill him before the x-pac and now's the time for us to meet that achievement.  We're ready.  We've been ready. Put yer game face on!
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